Window Safety

Practicing Good Window Safety

WeAllHaveWindowsHusserWindowCleaningIf there’s one thing we all have, it’s windows. Whether we rent or own or borrow our home, we have windows…thank goodness!

Although we don’t often consciously think about them, windows are important in our lives. They are our window to the world, the opportunity to breathe fresh air while we’re inside, and an escape route in case of an emergency. But windows can also be hazardous if  good window safety procedures are not practiced.

Did you know that the National Safety Council has designated a National Window Safety Week to bring awareness to the potential dangers of the windows we are surrounded by? How often have you heard on the news that a young child has fallen from a 3-story window, and you think to yourself…how could that happen? So many accidents happen that could be avoided if just a few simple guidelines are followed.

Window Safety Tips

  • In case of emergency: Because windows are a vital escape route in case of fire or other emergencies…
    • Never paint or nail them shut
    • Be sure that nothing will block them and prevent you from escaping
    • Window air conditioners should not be installed in windows needed as an escape route
    • If you have installed window guards, make sure they can be easily released to allow you to exit quickly
    • Never “create” a bedroom in a room without windows
  • WindowSafety-HusserWindowCleaningFor child safety: 
    • Keep windows that are low enough for a child to reach closed and locked
    • Keep furniture or anything else a child could climb on away from the window
    • Use only higher placed windows for ventilation
    • Remember screens can easily be pushed through, they are no substitute for a locked window
    • Oftentimes it is difficult to see whether patio windows are opened or closed, make it more obvious by placing a sticker or a decal on the window surface
    • Teach children to play away from windows. Glass breaks and could cause serious injuries.
        • One family allows their 3 small children to stand on the back of the couch and on the window sill in front of a 2nd story, picture window. This could be a tragic accident waiting to happen.

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