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Have You Noticed Mold on Your Windows?

Image of Condensation can cause mold - Husser Window CleaningDoes mold really grow on windows?

As a person who sees a lot of windows every day, I can positively tell you that yes, mold really does grow on windows. And as most of us know, mold growing in your home can cause health problems.

Mold is mostly found growing on windows in the winter months when the air outside is cold and the air inside is warm because we keep our furnaces running. During that time of year, many of us find that we have condensation building up on our windows.

It can accumulate in small areas or it can completely cover the entire window. When this occurs, it is actually a warning that our home contains too much humidity.

Too much humidity means too much moisture which means mold growth is being encouraged. If you see little black spots popping up on your windows, you’re seeing mold.

Fortunately this type of mold isn’t difficult to remove since it’s on a non-porous surface, but if left unattended it could spread to other areas of your home where it could take hold and is much more difficult to remove. In fact, you may have to hire a mold remediation company to do it properly for you.

Can condensation be controlled?

Every home has it’s own issues, so there isn’t one answer that fits all. Older homes have different issues than newer homes.

  • New homes are built considerably “tighter” than old home, which means air movement is somewhat restricted. The moisture that your daily routines create becomes trapped and has no where to go and can create excess humidity which can cause mold.
  • Old homes obviously weren’t built as well as newer homes and have a tendancy to be a bit drafty which allows the cool air from the outside to mix with the warm, humid air of the inside. This combination can create condensation, which encourages mold.

Controlling condensation:

You don’t need to feel doomed to have condensation in your home, there are steps you can take to eliminate or at least minimize it.

  1. Image of Cooking Steam can cause condensation - Husser Window CleaningA good trick is to open your fireplace vent occasionally which will allow excess humidity to escape.
  2. In the kitchen, always run the ventilation fan when you’re cooking or even when you’re running the dishwasher.
  3. In the bathroom, always run the ventilation fans when bathing or showering.
  4. In the winter, turn off humidifiers.
  5. Check both your attic and crawl space to be sure both are well ventilated.

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