Window Maintenance

Springtime Window Maintenance

Enjoying  clean windowsWinter is almost behind us and hopefully your winter blues are also.

You can refocus your attention on everyday life again. Which of course includes routine maintenance on your home including your windows and gutters.

Many people ask me if it is worth it to clean their windows during these often dreary days that are short on daylight.

After all it rains a lot and seems dark all the time.

But look at it another way.

It is at this time of the year that you need all the light coming into your home that you can get.

Make your home seem lighter and brighter

Clean windows have a way of making the whole home seem lighter and brighter. This can have a noticeable positive effect on the mood and morale of the occupants, which helps keep those winter blues at bay.

And when, seemingly out of nowhere, we get a stretch of dry, sunny weather you are ready to fully enjoy the view.

Another key maintenance issue is those darn gutters!

Rain guttersIf not everyone considers having clean windows year-round to be important, no one can make a case for neglecting full gutters.

They are not just unsightly but can lead to severe problems with roofs and eves that can lead to extremely costly repairs.

We are blessed with an abundance of trees like few other parts of the country but that means all those trees are dropping leaves and needles by the ton and in the case of evergreens, year-round. Some of my clients require 2-3 gutter cleanings a year.

But they know that relatively minor expense can save them thousands in the long run.

So let me brighten your day and help you sleep a little better at night knowing you have taken care of at least one potential threat to the biggest investment you have, your home. As always I will come to your home to give you a firm quote on services for no charge.


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