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How To Clean Windows That Have Window Film

People invite me to dinner not because I can cook, but because I like to clean up. I get immediate gratification from Windex. Yes, I do windows.” – Carol Burnett

WindowFilm-HusserWindowCleaningIt seems more and more people are having window film installed on the windows of their home, and it’s no wonder that they are, because there are so many advantages

  • It can improve the look of your windows.
  • It can block the heat from the sun in the summer and keep your home cooler and lower AC costs.
  • It blocks the UV rays from the sun and protects your furniture and carpeting from fading.
  • It can keep your home warmer in the winter and lower your heating costs.
  • It can strengthen your windows and help keep them from breaking.

With that being said, if window film isn’t taken care of properly, it not only starts to look bad, but it can become damaged…scratched or foggy. The nice thing is that caring for windows that have had film installed isn’t difficult. Just follow these…

Simple window film cleaning tips:

  1. Because window film can be scratched, it’s important to use the right cleaning tools. Paper towels and some fabric towels are too rough, and often scratch the surface. Instead, choose a very soft cloth, microfiber works great, or even a soft sponge. Sometimes a light rubber squeegee will work also. If you want to be safe, try cleaning in the corner of the window and check for scratches.
  2. CleanWindowFilm-HusserWindowCleaningJust as important as the right cleaning tool is using the right cleaning product. Be sure that whatever you use is not only gentle, but is also a glass cleaner. Liquid dish soap that has been diluted in warm water can also work well. Absolutely avoid anything containing ammonia…it will ruin the film. To apply the cleaner, use your dampened cloth, being careful not to soak the film. Also, if you use liquid dish detergent, less is more, too much detergent will cause streaks.
  3. Use the cut lines along the edges of your windows as the direction you use for cleaning them. Example, wash up and down along the sides, and left and right at the top and bottom. If you have large windows, there is a chance you will have a seam somewhere…carefully clean the direction of the seam to avoid lifting the edges.
  4. Again, use the same type of tool mentioned in Step #1 to thoroughly dry your window. Leaving water on the film could allow water to seep beneath the film and cause bubbling. Dry in the same direction as you washed.

Careful cleaning of your film covered windows can preserve their good looks and function for a very long time.

I have been cleaning windows in the Seattle area for nearly 30 years, and quite frankly, I enjoy it! I can also help you with your gutters and other outside tasks.  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and I know the mistakes to avoid. I clean private homes or apartment complexes.

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