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How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Window Cleaning Services?

ScheduleWindowCleaner-HusserWindowCleaningIn one of my previous blog posts I talked about ideas of How to Prepare to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned, which included tips for preparing your home before your window cleaner arrives. These tips not only help you to be more organized, but they help your window cleaner to be able to work more efficiently.

Another Important Tip…

But as I got thinking about it, there is one more step, and maybe it’s the most important step, in being prepared for your window cleaner…and that is to plan ahead and get on his/her calendar as soon as possible.

As often happens, people call and need their windows cleaned within a week…

  • Because it’s Spring or Summer
  • Because it’s the holidays
  • Because they are having a social function at their home
  • Because they are having out of town guests coming to stay
  • Because you’re listing your house for sale

PlanAhead-HusserWindowCleaningYou may think “One week should be plenty of time”, and during slower months of the year it is…but during Spring, Summer, vacation time, and holidays, everyone else is thinking the same thing you are…”Yikes! My windows need to be cleaned!” So, calendars fill up fast, and you could be left having to do your windows yourself.

What is a good plan?

The best plan is to plan ahead, book your appointment 2 – 3 weeks in advance. (Sometimes even 2 weeks isn’t enough lead time) It might even be a good idea to schedule your windows to be cleaned on a regular basis, so you’re always on the calendar, and you can always see the world through clean windows.

This may not seem very important right now, but when the day comes that you need to have your windows cleaned “yesterday” and it can’t be done….

If you need your windows cleaned, don’t have the time to do them yourself (or you would rather not do them yourself)…Contact me right away so I can have the time, and I will give you a Complimentary Quote.

I want to serve you and I want to make your windows shine!

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