Window Care

How to Care for Your Windows

WindowCare-HusserWindowCleaningAs long as they’re not broken, I think most of us take our windows for granted. As long as we can see out of them, all is well. But

  • Minerals from hard water
  • Run off from the roof
  • Metal frames and window screens can oxidize and damage your windows
    • Most people don’t realize that screens can help damage their windows. The screens hold dirt and allow it to build up, then during stormy weather this dirt can pelt your windows

Protecting your windows can often be as simple as cleaning them on a regular basis.

Window Care Basics:

  • Avoid cleaning your windows while the sun is beating down on them.
  • Remove and clean the window screens.
  • Avoid using…
    • Harsh cleaners or chemicals, especially petroleum based products – mild soapy water is usually enough to do the job right.
    • Razors or putty knives
    • Pressure cleaning which can damage not only the glass, but the seal as well.
  • If your windows are framed in vinyl, clean them with a mild detergent and use only a soft brush to remove anything that might be stuck to them
  • Make sure your windows are opening and closing smoothly. If they’re not, use a silicone spray to get things moving better.
  • RainonWindows-HusserWindowCleaningCheck the weather stripping to make sure it is doing its job and keeping water outside where it belongs.
  • Keep the weep holes clean and unobstructed.
    • For those of you who are unaware of weep holes, they are found in the tracks of your windows, and are designed to allow water from rain or sprinklers to drain back outside rather than build up and potentially find its way into the walls of your home.
  • Make sure the window tracks are free of dirt and debris
  • Avoid having the sprinkler “water” your windows which allows hard water stains to form

Don’t enjoy cleaning your windows, but want them clean?

Give me a call – it’s what I do best and I do it right!




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