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How and When to Clean Your Windows

ATTACHMENT DETAILS WashingWindows-HusserWindowCleaning.pngEveryone wants to have clean windows, but few of us want to actually clean them.

Granted, it takes time, and it’s tiresome, but it’s not that difficult, especially when you are prepared.

Probably the first thing that gets in the way of accomplishing this task is time. So plan ahead, and put it on the calendar just like you do other things you want and need to get done.

Second, assemble the right tools:

  • Large sponges
  • Dish washing soap
  • Squeegee
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cloths that are lint free and have not been dried using a fabric softener which may leave streaks on your windows
  • A soft brush
  • A dependable ladder

Other tips for washing your windows and keeping them cleaner:

  • To begin…clear cobwebs and loose dirt from your windows, frames and sills with a soft brush.
  • Do you often leave streaks? This could be caused by washing your windows in direct sunlight which causes the washing solution to dry too quickly. Cloudy days or early evenings are much better times.
  • Do your windows seem to get dirty too quickly? Maybe its time to clean the filter on your furnace or cooling system. If there are smokers in your home, their second hand smoke is leaving a film on your windows, request they smoke outside.
  • Does your squeegee not work properly? It could be that you are trying to work with it while it’s dry, wet it before you begin, it will work much better. Also, clean your squeegee after each stroke with your lint free cloth.
  • Protect your window sills. To protect your window sills from absorbing too much water or cleaning solution and getting water damaged, lay a terry cloth towel on them before you begin.
  • Clean the window frames. Often ignored or forgotten, don’t forget to wipe down your window frames with your cleaning solutions, then dry with a clean cloth.

Many people have asked me what solution I use to clean windows, and this is what I tell them:

Professional Window WasherMy solution…

Hire a professional window washer. We have all the time, tools, patience and experience to get the job done, and get it done right, while you’re doing the things that you like or want to do. Your windows will look better and you’ll feel better.

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