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Image of Icicles are a sign of ice dams - Husser Window Cleaning

Ice Dams

I know it’s still summer, so why am I talking about ice dams on your roof now?

Simple…this is the best time of year to do some maintenance on your home to prevent them from happening in the winter.

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Cleaning your gutters is dirty work

How To Clean Gutters

Well it’s that time of year again, time to clean those dirty rain gutters.

The job of a rain gutter is to collect all the water that runs off the roof, channel it into the downspouts which direct it away from the house.

Without your rain gutters, you would have all kinds of problems with your home.

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Rain gutter design is important to protect your home

Rain Gutter Design

Although my job really involves cleaning your rain gutters, because I am around them a lot, I see many mistakes in the way they are installed.

These mistakes can effect the roof of your house and cause you all kinds of costly problems.

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