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Are Your Home Windows Secure?

Image of Secure your windows from burglary - Husser Window CleaningFrom putting bars in sliding window tracks to having security alarms, most of us do everything we can to prevent unwanted visitors from entering our homes.

Burglars and thieves are very bold, determined and  fast when it comes to entering a home that looks promising, with windows being a favorite point of entry.

A few years ago, a couple went out for the evening, leaving 3 fairly young daughters at home.

The girls were in one of the bedrooms playing, there were lights on throughout the house and the doors were locked.

In spite of the appearance of people being home, a burglar (or 2) climbed on the roof, and entered the master bedroom through a window which was located in the front of the house. They were quick, but took the time to completely ransack the master suite locating cash and jewelry. The burglary wasn’t noticed until the parents returned home that night.

Break-ins are devastating

Most people who have experienced a burglary, like the parents in our story, feel so violated…their personal things have been gone through, their possessions stolen, their home has been invaded and sometimes the safety of their family is put at risk.

Even though your windows may be closed and locked, thieves, although they don’t like to make noise, can still break in using a rock or some other object to break a window and enter your home.

So what can you do?

Even though windows can be somewhat easily broken, you do have options to help secure them. Depending on the type of neighborhood you live in may determine your risk, and what measures you take:

  • Many homeowners invest in laminated films to cover their windows with. These laminates make it virtually impossible to break the window. And because the film is clear and easy to see through when it is adhered to the window, thieves don’t even realize that the film is in place.
  • On a more dramatic note, if you live in an area that has a reputation of a high crime rate, you may feel the need to take more drastic measures and have bars installed over your windows. This is probably a last ditch effort for most homeowners.
  • Image of Secure your windows with an alarm system - Husser Window CleaningIf you’re replacing your windows, one option is to choose re-enforced glass, although it tends to be a little bit pricey, they are built to stand up to extreme force.
  • Another choice for new windows is tempered glass which is stronger and more difficult to break that standard glass.
  • The overall deterrent of course is to have a security system installed. Even though your windows can still be broken, the noise from the alarm will usually send the burglar running.


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