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Top Safety Measures for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Article by guest author – Alice Robertson


Workplace and residential safety is of the utmost importance if you want people to be protected at all times. Therefore, adhering to the safety regulations in your jurisdiction is vital. Fortunately, there are certain safety measures you can implement yourself to ensure your commercial or residential building is a safe zone for everyone involved.

Husser Window Cleaning offers the following tips to help.

Make sure you have the correct lighting

Bright lighting will play a critical role in helping occupants see their path to safety in case of an emergency, such as a fire hazard, for example. Furthermore, you will also need to have sufficient lighting installed on the outside of the building so that everyone feels safer when they come and go. Proper lighting will also go a long way in improving the appearance of your building aesthetically so that it is more pleasing to the eye when you have visitors.

An alarm system is a must

Alarm systems are a must for commercial and residential properties that require a boost in their security. Therefore, you should ensure that your alarm system comes with all the bells and whistles to ensure that every room in the building is protected from possible break-ins by using lasers, beams, or sensors that can detect any movements after dark that may pose a threat to your buildings or its occupants.

Don’t forget about the parking areas

Your parking area is often the most vulnerable area of all when it comes to safety, especially if it’s a parking garage or you have people coming or going late at night. For a commercial building, if you can afford a security guard, this could be a great way to ensure late-night staff gets to their cars okay and that any potential criminal activity is lessened.

Also, lighting goes a long way toward brightening up the darkest and dingiest areas, so care should be taken to install lighting that illuminates parking adequately.  In a commercial parking lot, by using a post that’s made of aluminum or steel, you can count on a great look that’s long-lasting. Or perhaps floodlights are what you’re after for their safety, security, and efficiency because it lights up vast areas so well. Moreover, floodlights often use energy-efficient energy and precision optics to dispense lighting in much-needed areas.

Use technology as a deterrent

Technology can be used in so many areas when it comes to ramping up safety and security, making it a pretty foolproof solution in deterring any unwanted persons from entering your business. For example, consider installing motion sensors, intercoms, and in business buildings implementing the use of electronic ID cards.

Add surveillance systems

Surveillance systems, like cameras that record activity, are also an excellent safety measure that often prohibit criminal activity. Moreover, infrared technology such as heat scanners is also a great option to use to detect the presence of suspect individuals trespassing on your property.

All in all, upping the safety of your commercial or residential building should take careful investigation and planning to ensure it is as safe as can be. That said, these safety measures should by no means be boring if you can make the premises look more modern and inviting simultaneously.

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