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What are the Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windows?

ReplaceWindows-HusserWindowCleaningAside from being broken, there are other signs that you need to replace your windows…signs many of us try to ignore. This probably isn’t a very exciting topic, in fact, most homeowners procrastinate the inevitable. Sooner or later though, your windows are going to just give out and need to be replaced.

The good thing is, whether you’re staying in your home or getting it ready to put it on the market…it’s a good investment.

So how do you know if it’s time to “bite-the-bullet” and get new windows?

Window Replacement Checklist:

  • Do you have single pane windows? These are very old windows that are not energy efficient and allow a lot of heat to escape and cold to enter. If the windows are in good condition, they can be replaced slowly over time.
  • Are your windows sweating? When your windows sweat, or there is moisture between double pane windows, it is an indication that your seals have failed, which allows heat to escape from your home. Window seals fail because:
    • They are old…unfortunately, they they don’t come with a lifetime guarantee, they will eventually wear out.
    • Consistent, extreme weather, such as constant, large amounts of rain, can cause them to fail.
    • Constant exposure to hot temperatures and baking sun can cause them to dry out and fail.
    • The window seal can be compromised by mold growth which is caused by regular condensation.
    • The weather stripping has not been maintained well by failing to simply keep them washed and dried.
  • Are your windows drafty? Your windows are supposed to keep drafts out…It could  mean there are structural damages or the sealants or weather strips have broken down. Some of these issues can be repaired, but oftentimes will fail again within a short period of time.
  • EnergyEfficientWindows-HusserWindowCleaningAre your energy bills always running high? If so, faulty windows could be the culprit. Today’s energy efficient windows are made to reflect the sun’s powerful rays and be an insulator, thus saving the homeowner money on their heating and air conditioning bills.
  • Do you need to brace your windows open? If you can’t get your windows to stay open on their own, this is a pretty clear indicator that it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Do your windows have wooden frames? Although wood framed windows can look very nice, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep them looking that way, not to mention the possibility of rotting wood or mold from condensation or leaks.
  • Do your windows feel hot in the summer and cold in the winter? 
  • Do outside noises sound like they are inside? Older, wooden framed windows will not block the sound like the new vinyl ones will, and single panes won’t block the sound like new double-pane windows will.
  • How old are your windows? Because older windows were not manufactured shatter-proof, they can be a real danger if accidentally broken.

I don’t replace windows, but I do keep the ones you have looking great! Whether your windows are old or new, I will clean them for you. Contact me today for a free quote.

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