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You Need to Replace Your Gutters If…

ReplaceGutters-HusserWindowCleaningThose little, narrow troughs that surround your home at the roof line may not look like a big deal, but they are one of the most important systems you have to protect your home. Gutters are designed to collect and safely disperse the water that exits your roof, and is intended to keep the soil from eroding around your house and compromising its foundation. They are also intended to prevent rain water from dripping onto your siding, doors and windows and causing the wood to rot.

Unfortunately, like most things, not only do they require a certain amount of maintenance, they also need to be replaced due to age, damage or to upgrade to newer and better systems. But how do you know when to replace them?

Watch for these warning signs that your gutters need to be replaced:

  • Watch for holes or cracks. You may not need to watch for them, water dripping on your head during a rain storm is usually a good indicator. Oftentimes, if there are only a few, they can be repaired with sealant, but if there are too many of them, the system is failing and needs to be replaced.
  • The strips of metal that hold your gutters to the roof and keep them level are the fasteners. If the fasteners are faulty, your gutter could begin to sag and allow water to spill over the side. If you try to repair them and they continue to fail, it’s time to replace the gutters.
  • SeamlessGutters-HusserWindowCleaningGutters are intended to be continuous. Gutter systems today are typically seamless and not in sections, but if your gutters are older, they could be separating and coming apart at the seams, leaving your home exposed to water damage. It’s probably time to upgrade.
  • Watch for areas where your gutters seem to be pulling away from your roof. It could be caused by too much debris in them and the weight is pulling them down, or it could be caused by fasteners that have failed.
  • Water in the basement is often a sign that the gutters need to be replaced…because the gutters are allowing water to continuously pour onto the ground and flood the basement.
    • Your landscaping can also be being damaged by the same problem.
  • Another problem that could be caused in your basement or crawlspace by gutters that need to be replaced is mold or mildew that has begun to grow due to water that has been allowed to seep in.
  • Peeling paint can also be a sign that your gutters need to be replaced…as your siding is being kept in a constant state of wet, water will seep under the paint and cause it to start bubbling up or peeling. If gone unattended, the wood will begin to rot.

If it’s time for new gutters, I would suggest some type of leaf guard system be installed with them, if you don’t have them already,. They will help keep your gutters cleaner, and moving water more efficiently. There are several kinds on the market, choose the one that would work best for you.

One way to lengthen the life of your gutters is regular maintenance and cleaning…

If you need your gutters cleaned, and don’t have the time to do it yourself (or you would rather not do it yourself)…Contact me right away. I have the time, and I will give you a Complimentary Quote.



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