Remove Paint From Windows

Removing Paint From Your Windows

PaintOnWindows-HusserWindowCleaningThe best way to get the paint off your windows is not to get it there in the first place. But if you’re like so many other homeowners who like to DIY when it comes to painting your home, it’s inevitable that some paint will find its way onto your windows, especially if you dislike putting painter’s tape around the edges..

There are 2 basic ways to remove paint from your windows:

Depending on how much paint needs to be removed may determine which method you use.

1 –  Scrape the paint off…

The important thing to remember when you choose to do the scraping method is that you should never scrape while your windows are dry. Scraping on a dry window will cause friction, which leads to scratches…something you definitely want to avoid.

— For this process you will need a new safety razor blade or a professional grade paint scraper. Begin by wetting down the window you are working on with a sponge and warm soapy water. (You can use warm water with dish soap or hot vinegar) If your window begins drying out before you are finished, re-apply the warm soapy water.

Next, position the razor blade or paint scraper at a 45° angle above the paint to be removed and slowly begin in downward motions to scrape off the paint. Always scrape in the same direction and never scrape back and forth which will scratch the glass. If your blade starts making a gritty noise, it probably means that it is dull and ScrapeWindows-HusserWindowCleaningshould be replaced. Once all the paint is removed, you can clean your windows normally with your favorite glass cleaner.

*A word of warning about this method: use caution using an unprotected razor blade, it can leave your fingers filled with cuts.

2 – Clean with a chemical solvent…

– This is a good method if you only have a small amount of paint on your windows. You can use rubbing alcohol if you are cleaning off acrylic paint, or if you are cleaning off enamel paint you can use an acetone-based solvent (finger nail polish remover will work), or there are special solvents you can purchase at the hardware store.

Apply the solvent to a cleaning cloth and clean away.

If you are a homeowner that likes to DIY your own painting, but not your own windowing cleaning…

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