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Did You Know This About Your Rain Gutters?

Gargoyle-HusserWindowCleaningSeldom thought about (unless there’s a problem), but so important to the integrity of your house, are the rain gutters, sometimes called eave troughs, that surround your home. Although they aren’t typically a hot topic in social circles, they are not only necessary, but they can be interesting…

Did you know this about about rain gutters?

  • The idea of rain gutters was conceived anciently as early civilizations, recognized how destructive water can be,  and the need to move excess water from one place to another. These water transport systems were made of stone, wood, burnt clay or brick. Some even used spouts place on their rooftops to divert the water.
  • Most people don’t know this, but in the Middle Ages, prior to the invention of the rain gutter, people strategically placed Gargoyles on buildings – cathedrals and palaces – not only to ward off evil spirits, but also to help direct rain water away from the building’s structure and foundation.
  • Rain gutters were not mass produced and marketed until after the Industrial Revolution, during the late 1700’s to the early to mid 1800’s.  Previous to that time, gutters were made of lead and iron, which soon transitioned to copper, plastic, galvanized steel and aluminum. Today they are of the same materials with the addition of vinyl.
  • There was a point in their history that rain gutters were even installed on some vehicles to protect the car’s passengers from getting dripped on as they got out of the car. Although it was a considerate thought for those in the car, it didn’t last long because it was not aerodynamic, which we know is of great importance to us now.

Another important fact about rain gutters…

MaintainGutters-HusserWindowCleaningThey need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, in fact, it could be considered one of the most important things you can do to avoid major, costly problems and repairs that you don’t really want to deal with . Such things as:

  • Water exiting the roof will drain next to your home, finding it’s way down to your home’s foundation, basement or crawl space, where the damage it can cause may be very serious and expensive.
  • When the gutters and downspouts are clogged with debris, the debris begins to act like a sponge, soaking up the rain water and becoming very heavy. When this happens, your entire gutter system can fail as it pulls away from your house causing damage to your eaves.
  • Clogged gutters become the breeding ground for insects of all kinds, from bees to mosquitos – just what you want circling around your head everytime you get close to you home.
  • In addition to insects, neglected gutters become homes for unwanted guests such as mice, birds, earthworms and even snakes

Quite honestly, very few people enjoy cleaning their gutters, which is why gutters become neglected in the first place. So many hire a professional to climb up on the ladder and do the work, which should be done at least twice a year. If this is you, give me a call…

I have been cleaning windows in the Seattle area for nearly 30 years, and quite frankly, I enjoy it! I can also help you with your gutters and other outside tasks.  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and I know the mistakes to avoid. I clean private homes or apartment complexes.

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