Rain Gutter Leaf Guards

Should You Install Rain Gutter Leaf Guards?

LeafGuardProtectsGutters-HusserWindowCleaningThe rain gutters on your home are very important to the integrity of your roof, your home’s foundation, basement and even the landscaping close to your house. So, keeping them clean and clear so debris doesn’t build up and water can be directed away from your home properly is an important maintenance task for homeowners. It’s also a dirty task that most of us don’t enjoy performing.

Installing rain gutter leaf guards has become a popular way to maintain your gutters, and if you don’t have them on your home you may want to consider having them installed.

There are, however, concerns about whether or not they are worth the expense of installation, so I have put together a few advantages for you to consider.

Reasons to Consider Installing Gutter Guards:

  1. Safety first!
    1. It can be risky for you to climb up on a ladder to clean gutters that have filled with all kinds of debris.
    2. “Loaded” gutters can become very heavy, causing them to pull away from the house, fall and possibly injure someone, not to mention the damage that it will do to your home.
    3. ***Although some debris may collect on your leaf guard, it’s much easier to clean off using either an air blower or pressure washer.
  2. Damage prevention. Clogged rain gutters cause the following problems:
    1. Damage to your roof…when water doesn’t exit properly, water can seep under your shingles which more than likely will cause your roof to leak. Another way that water can seep under your shingles is when ice dams form due to full gutters; as the ice melts, because the gutters are full, there is no place for it to exit the roof, so the water finds its way beneath the shingles and eventually into your attic.
    2. Your foundation and basement can be damaged if water is allowed to accumulate around it, cracks can form which may eventually lead to leaks.
    3. Your landscaping can be damaged if runoff from your roof is allow to flow wherever it can. Soil can be washed away, miniature “streams” can be formed, plantings can be destroyed.
  3. Health issues.
    1. Mold Dangers-HusserWindowCleaningRain gutters that are allowed to have built up leaves and other debris from “Mother Nature” in them, become breeding grounds for insects and bugs of all kinds…including mosquitoes that will plague us when we are trying to enjoy the outdoors.
    2. Another health issue with clogged gutters is mold and mildew growth who’s spores will find their way into your attic, your home, and possibly your lungs. This can be a serious health problem for people who are elderly, very young or have respiratory problems.

There are several different leaf guards on the market, so if you’re considering having some installed, do your research to ensure you’re buying the most effective system for your home.

If your windows or your gutters need cleaning, Contact me…it’s what I do, and I do it well!

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