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Could Your Windows Quiet Outside Noises?

Keep outside noises outside with quiet windowsAs someone who is frequently talking to people about their windows, I hear many complaints and comments such as, my windows have lost their seal, I can’t keep them clean or I wish they could help block the outside noises, especially at night.

We do live in a noisy world, and when we go into our homes, it would be so great if all the outside noises could stay outside and give us the peace and quiet that we need in our lives.

The key to accomplishing that would be if our walls as well as our windows were both soundproofed.

If you’re like me, you get tired of being awakened from a nice Sunday afternoon’s nap by the neighbor’s barking dog, or you can’t concentrate on that good book you’re reading because of the noisy cars outside, and worst of all it’s hard to sleep at night because of all the outside noises.

So, my client’s comments got me thinking, and I looked into the idea of quiet windows or soundproof windows. And I discovered that they actually do exist and are on the market today!

So for all of you who wish their home were quieter, I thought I’d pass this information onto you.

Where you can get them

I found a local business, AAA KARTAK right here in the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma area who installs soundproof windows from CitiQuiet.

In fact, much of the information for this article was taken from their website.

I think they sound like a great product that not only blocks out noise, but also blocks out 99% of the dirt and drafts from outside. And they offer a 100% guarantee.

Some of their benefits are:

  • Eliminate up to 95% of outside noiseQuiet Windows
  • No alteration or construction for your existing windows is needed
  • Installed into the existing window opening and work in conjunction with your existing windows.
  • No building permits required
  • Completely operable and removable
  • Provide moisture and humidity control

So if you’re in the market for some new and quiet windows, get in touch with them, and if you just need your windows cleaned, get in touch with me.

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