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How to Prepare to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Norm Cleaning WindowsPreparing your home to have your windows cleaned by a professional isn’t something that many people think about, and it’s not something that a professional would expect when they come to your home. But there are a few clients that ask what they should do. Just think about how nice it would be and how much appreciated it would be to have a few things prepared…it would make the job so much easier and quicker.

So, if you’d like to help your window cleaner out, prepare your home (it only takes a few minutes on your part) by doing a few things.

Get your home ready for your window cleaner:

  • Don’t make it hard to get to the windows. Check the access to your windows by walking through your house and making sure there is an easy path to each one. Keep in mind that if you have shelves or other storage in front of the window, the job becomes much more difficult.
  • Check your window sills. If you are someone who likes to have plants, pictures or other decorative items on your sills, you should move them out of the way where they will be safe from breakage…once again making the job easier for your pro.
  • Small furniture, computers and other similar items are other things that should be moved, not only to protect them from damage, but to clear the way for the job.
  • petsinwindows-nusserwindowcleaningGot pets? Having someone new in “their” house may either make them nervous or overly friendly. Either way, it might be a good idea to keep them in a safe and comfortable place in your home.
  • Be sure drapes and blinds are either pulled up, back or removed. If you’re having your windows cleaned in the Spring, this might be a good time to take your window coverings down for their spring cleaning.
  • This is something that is seldom thought of, but check around the outside of your house, under the eaves and in close proximity to your windows for hornet or bee’s nests. It would be great to either warn your pro that the nests are there, or just eliminate them altogether – you’re going to want to anyway.

I also perform gutter cleaning services, and there are a couple of things that would be appreciated to…

Prepare to have your rain gutters cleaned

  1. If you are aware of any gutter damage, please let me know in advance.
  2. To allow for the space a ladder requires, make sure all cars, bikes and toys are at least 10 ft. away from the area.
  3. Make sure all of your windows are closed to keep water and debris out.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to have your clean windows!

If you need your windows cleaned, don’t have the time to do them yourself (or you would rather not do them yourself)…Contact me for a Complimentary Quote.

I know how to make your windows shine!

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