How to Clean Windows

Doesn’t Everyone Know How to Clean Windows?

Cleaning windows isn't rocket scienceWe all love clean windows, they can truly make a difference in how we feel.

We look through windows every day, everywhere we go and we see streaks, smudges, water marks, bird dive bombs and just plain dirt.

If we love clean windows so much, why is it that most people don’t enjoy cleaning them? We often hear people say “I don’t do windows!”

Why not? Cleaning windows isn’t rocket science!

Probably the 2 most common complaints are:

  1. It takes too long
  2. I don’t know how to do it right (maybe it is rocket science!)

Your windows should probably be cleaned about twice a year, and yes it does take some time, but that time can be shortened if you use the right tools and methods.

Preparation for cleaning your windows:

  • Organize the necessary tools
    • Squeegee Use a squeegee to clean windows
    • Dry rags
    • Bucket of warm water with detergent
    • Broom (for outside windows)
    • Sponge
  • Remove and clean the outside screens, they need dust and odors removed from them.
    • Place them under running water
    • Gently pat dry with a dry rag
  • Brush away cobwebs and heavy dirt from around the outside windows
  • For inside windows, prepare the floors by laying towels down for protection

Window cleaning tips:

  • Cloudy days are good for cleaning windows, because direct sunlight will dry the windows too fast, leaving water stains behind.
  • Wash your windows well using your sponge that has been soaked in the warm water and detergent.Clean your windows with a sponge
  • Use a squeegee to remove the water rather than paper towels that leave behind streaks and lint.
    • Draw the squeegee down from the top of the window
    • Use a dry rag to wipe excess water from the squeegee after each stroke
  • Use cotton swabs or a toothbrush to clean in the corners
  • Tiny scratches in your windows may be able to be removed by using a small amount of toothpaste on them.
  • The finishing touch is to wipe your window frames down.

Now that your windows are clean, it’s safe to open the curtains, and let the sun in!

If you still “don’t do windows”, the best way I know of to get them clean is to give me a call!

I enjoy it!  I will be happy to give you a quote and then leave your windows sparkling clean.


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