Hang Christmas Lights On Gutters

Is It Safe To Hang Christmas Lights On Your Gutters?

Christmas LightsOnGutters-HusserWindowCleaningYour rain gutters are an extremely important part of your home’s structure, they are designed to move water from rain away from your home’s roof, walls and foundation. So, as a homeowner you want your gutters maintained and protected.

Rain gutters are also great this time of year, and a very common place to use, for hanging Christmas lights, nevertheless, precautions need to be taken so you don’t damage your gutters while making your home festive for the holidays.

Tips for hanging Christmas Lights on your gutters…

Yes, it’s safe to hang lights on your gutters if you are careful and follow these suggestions:

  • Begin by inspecting your gutters – You need to make sure they are clean and undamaged. Gutters that are full of debri can become very heavy and pull away from your house. Attaching lights to them will add extra weight which could be just enough to damage or bring the gutter down.
  • Avoid hanging too many lights – You really don’t need to have the brightest roof on the block. You don’t want gravity kicking in and pulling down a gutter system that has been decorated with too many lights.
    • As you are hanging your lights, stay aware of the effect it’s having on your gutters and make sure there is no “pull” or bending.
    • If you have strings of lights with heavy cable, consider putting those on trees or shrubs around the yard.
    • Remember, the thinner the gutters the less extra weight they can handle.
  • HangingChristmasLights-HusserWindowCleaningHave the right tools – Don’t try improvising how you hang your lights. There are gutter clip kits that are designed to correctly hang lights, as well as kits for light hanging, which will make your task easier. (Typically found at major hardware stores.)
  • If you have gutter guards – Gutter guards are a great invention, but they don’t make it easy to hang your lights. There is a product that resists moisture, and has adhesive backed gutter clips than can be affixed to the front of your gutters as long as the gutters are strong and in good condition.
  • Alternative to using your gutters – If you are a little apprehensive about using your gutters for hanging your lights, if you have roof shingles that are in good condition, you could use them instead. You will need to find clips that are intended for shingles rather than gutters.
  • Ladder safety – Hanging Christmas lights require that you climb up on a ladder…as always, use good ladder safety practices.
  • Hire a professional – If you are nervous about doing the job yourself, there are many companies you could call to have it done for you.

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