Energy Efficient Windows

What are The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

EnergyEfficientWindows-HusserWindowDo the windows in your home need to be improved or upgraded to become more energy efficient? How do you know which option you should choose?

If your windows are still in basically good condition, does it make sense to throw them away and get new or should you keep them for as long as you can and just do some rehabbing on them?

The key to making the right choice would be to understand how well or how poorly your current windows are functioning…this can be done by conducting a home energy audit. This audit will do more than give you information about what improvements your windows may need, it will help you get an understanding about how your entire home could benefit from certain improvements. The Energy Star® website can give you ideas on how to conduct an energy audit.

If you keep your old windows…

If your goal is to keep your current windows and work on improving their efficiency, some of the things you might do are:

  • Caulk or add weatherstripping around them to reduce cold or warm air that may leak in
  • Add storm windows, which gives you a second layer from the outside, reducing air leakage and adding comfort
  • Consider your window treatments…although they aren’t as effective in preventing air leakage, they can still make a difference…choose window coverings that are not just decorative but will help you save energy.
      • The addition of window awnings, appropriately placed which will shade your windows, can eliminate up to 65% of the sun’s heat.

 If you get new energy efficient windows…

  • You can reduce your heating and cooling costs
  • You will be more comfortable in your home by eliminating the cold drafts and the hot air that was creeping into the house.
  • Condensation can cause mold - Husser Window CleaningYou will enjoy reduced frost and condensation on your windows
  • Energy efficient windows can help reduce fading from the sun on your carpets, furniture and other materials in your home.
  • Installing new energy efficient windows may help you earn federal tax credits for qualifying windows.

Whether you keep your existing windows or replace them with new ones, you’ll still want them clean and bright…give me a call, I’ll be happy to come out and make them shine!



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