Don’t Clean Your Windows

Why You Should Not Clean Your Windows…

“My favorite journey is looking out the window.” – Edward Gorey

DontCleanYourWindows-HusserWindowCleaningFirst, let me just say, if your windows aren’t clean, the rest of your house doesn’t feel clean either. It’s amazing the impact your windows have on your entire home, not only inside, but outside too.

  • Clean windows add to curb appeal if your house is on the market
  • Clean windows improve your home’s air quality
  • Clean windows let in more light and energy
  • Clean windows improve your vision of the outdoors

The problem is, there are very few homeowners who enjoy cleaning their windows, and who can blame them? It’s time consuming, it’s tedious, you usually have to climb up on a ladder, they usually turn out streaky and before you know it, they’re dirty all over again!

So how do you solve the problem of wanting clean windows but not wanting to clean them yourself?

Hire a professional!

You don’t have to clean the windows yourself, and once you’ve hired a professional you’ll be glad you did for these reasons…a professional will:

  1. ProWindowCleaner-HusserWindowCleaningHave and use all the right tools that will get the job done right. He/she doesn’t cut corners when it comes to being prepared to clean windows properly…which means you don’t have to invest in window cleaning tools, because he’ll have the right squeegee, the right cleaner, the right cloths that won’t leave streaks or lint, and he’ll be able to use a ladder safely, and be able to get to hard to reach places.
  2. Know how to remove hard water spots. There’s nothing that destroys the look of a window more than hard water stains…not only are they not great to look at, but over time they can ultimately cause irreversible damage to your windows.
  3. Will get the job done quickly, because they know what they are doing and how to do it…no more all-day Saturday window cleaning for you!
  4. Will discover and diagnose any potential problems that might be occurring with your windows, such as broken seals, leaks, or wood rot .
  5. Will do a thorough job – he will be sure window tracks, corners and window sills are properly cleaned.
  6. Guarantee that you get a quality job done on your windows…you can say goodbye to streaks that last until the next time you tackle the project.

By hiring a professional window cleaner you will save time, money, effort and be safe.

I have been cleaning windows in the Seattle area for 30 years, and quite frankly, I enjoy it!  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and I know the mistakes to avoid. I clean private homes or apartment complexes.

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