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Defining Spaces: Using Your Home For Work And Rest

Article by guest author – Alice Robertson


The fast pace of the real estate market and recent employment trends have shown us just how important it can be to live in a home that works best for both work and play. If you’ve just moved to Seattle and are wondering how to update your new home, or even if you’re just looking for a change, there are some great ways to modify your existing space to maximize your ability to live, work, rest, and play. Read on for a few things to consider when defining your home’s spaces.

Creating a Restful Bedroom

One of the best approaches to updating and defining your space is to start with decluttering. While you’ll likely be repainting and considering things like adding more natural lighting and adding indoor plants to your bedroom space later on, starting by having a yard sale or giving unused items to friends or family is an excellent way to go about tackling your bedroom.

Once you’ve cleared your bedroom of clutter, take some time to research color theory and templates online or visit your local paint store. Going for warm colors and minimal furniture is a good way to make your bedroom feel more restful.

Once you’ve got that fresh coat of paint on the walls, it’s a good time to take a closer look at the lighting throughout your home. Not all lighting is the same. For example, pendant lighting can be great for small-sized targeted areas. There are many pendant lighting styles and finishes, and your bedroom, bathroom, or vanity could be a great spot for this type of lighting. At the same time, pendant lighting can be fantastic for a kitchen island, especially if you have high ceilings.

Making A Backyard Oasis

The bedroom isn’t the only place you’ll want to relax if you take the time to rethink your backyard space. With the perfect pendant lighting in your kitchen, why not extend your love for cooking or entertaining outdoors? An outdoor kitchen beside a fire pit, complete with a fridge, bar, and range hood, could be a great way to define a space for relaxation and play.

Designing the Perfect Office Space

Obviously, if you’re like most people, your home can’t be all about play. If you work from home, it’s important to set aside a designated room or area where you can work efficiently and maximize productivity so you can get back to your home and family. When designing the perfect office space, consider a soundproof update, neutral colors, vision boards, and an area well lit for those Zoom meetings.

Allowing Your Home to Work for You

In the end, living in a place that inspires you and helps you to feel productive is a good way to give yourself not only quality of life but also peace of mind. By creating designated spaces for rest, work, and play, you’ll put yourself in the position to have a happier life.

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