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Tips for Cleaning Window Tracks

Dirty Window Tracks - Husser Window CleaningCleaning windows (not the computer software) is not just about making sure the glass sparkles or there are no streaks. There is more to it than that.

Have you ever looked into the track that the window slides or sits in? If you have, you’ve may have noticed dust, mold, dirt or sticky black grime. Not only is this unsightly, it could be embarrassing if guests in your home happened to see them.

Small places like window tracks can be some of the dirtiest places in your home, and some of the most neglected. They can be totally disgusting and probably quite unhealthy, but, they can be cleaned up.

Cleaning your window tracks

This isn’t a hard task to do, it really all depends on how dirty they have become.

Tools to assemble:

  • Soft brush (there are brushed made especially for cleaning window tracks)
  • Vacuum
  • All purpose cleaner
    • Some people like soda and vinegar
  • Clean cloth
  • Q-Tips, toothbrush or toothpick to clean hard to get corners.

The Process

Although to some, these directions may seem simple and unnecessary, but if you have never had the need to clean window tracks, you may find this quite helpful.

  • Begin by opening the window and removing the screen.
  • Use the vacuum or brush to remove all loose debris.
  • Spray Bottle to clean window tracks - Husser Window CleaningUsing your all purpose cleaner, spray your window track and let the cleaner sit for a little while. (The dirtier the track, the longer it may have to sit)
    • If you’re using baking soda, sprinkle it on the dirty areas and cover with a small amount of vinegar, let it “work” for 5-10 minutes.
  • With your clean cloth, wipe away the dirt and grime and clean the corners and edges with one of the tools mentioned above.
  • Window tracks that have been dirty too long may need to have the last two steps repeated.

The first time you clean them might take a bit longer than normal, but by keeping them cleaned regularly, you can eliminate the extra time and effort (and embarrassment!).

If cleaning your windows and window tracks is not how you want to spend your time…

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