Cleaning Glass Windows Dont’s

Don’t Do This When Cleaning Glass Windows

Clean windows are a better view on life…

RegularWindowCleaning-HusserWindowCleaningCleaning your glass windows isn’t a dangerous or difficult job, but it is a job that needs to be done regularly, and it needs to be done right, because there are consequences if we don’t and benefits if we do.

Many people avoid window cleaning, because they don’t understand how important it is... but just as important as it is to keep them clean, it’s important to do the job right.

It’s easy to make mistakes that we aren’t aware of, mistakes that will give you a poor cleaning job, or can shorten the life of your windows.

Don’t make these mistakes when cleaning your windows….

  1. Don’t clean your windows in the heat of the day or on a hot day…cooler temperatures give better results.
  2. Don’t clean your windows while direct sunlight is on them…it will leave streaks.
  3. Don’t use metal scrapers on your windows…they can scratch the surface.
  4. Don’t try to clean your windows while the glass is dry…because dust particles can scratch your windows, wet the glass down before beginning to clean.
  5. Don’t use cleaners on your windows that contain phosphoric acid or hydrofluoric acid…these chemicals are corrosive and will probably damage the surface.
  6. Don’t use detergents to clean your windows, they can damage the surface coating…use a cleaner that is intended for glass.
  7. BrokenWindow-HusserWindowCleaningDon’t overpower your windows in an effort to clean them…too much pressure could crack them. Using a softer touch will do the job and leave your windows sparkling.
  8. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or power based scrubbers.
  9. Don’t use tissues, paper towels or remnants of clothing to clean your windows…not only will they leave lint behind, but they will also attract dust and could scratch your windows. Use a microfiber cloth for best results and longer life for your windows.
  10. Don’t wait too long between cleanings…excessive buildup of dirt, grime, acid rain and other materials will shorten the longevity of your windows.

I have been cleaning windows in the Seattle area for 30 years, and quite frankly, I enjoy it!  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and I know the window cleaning mistakes to avoid. I clean private homes or apartment complexes.

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