Clean Windows With Vinegar

What Is Vinegar And Should You Clean Windows With It?

CleanWindowsWithVinegar-HusserWindowCleaningWe all want our homes…our windows…to look clean, to smell clean, to be clean, and we want it done with as few chemicals as possible, so we want natural solutions.

Many have been talking about the wonderful cleaning properties of vinegar, but how good is it really? Here’s what we have discovered…

What is vinegar?

We should probably start with the question – “What is vinegar?”

Oxford Dictionaries define it as “a sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid, obtained by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids, typically wine, cider, or beer, and is used as a condiment for pickling.” 

Most of us have at least one type of vinegar in our pantry, there are many types; balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar. And then you have white vinegar, typically made in a laboratory. White vinegar is the most acidic of all the vinegars, thus making it the strongest for cleaning.

Vinegar is reasonably inexpensive to purchase, so people tend to think that combined with its price and it’s strong acidity for cleaning, that it’s the perfect cleaner. Although, one of its drawbacks is its strong smell.

But should you use vinegar to clean everything?

Vinegar is not a one liquid cleans all product. It is good for some things, but not so good for others. The truth about vinegar is this:

Myth: Vinegar cleans everything.
“Vinegar is an acid, so it can cut through dirt and can kill bacteria, but only if you use it at full or nearly full strength,” says Derek Christian, owner of My Maid Service, a home-cleaning service in Ohio and Texas. “Most people put a capful in a bucket of water, and that doesn’t do much.” The acids in vinegar can damage natural stone and wood surfaces.” – article published in Consumer Reports

Vinegar should not be used on surfaces which it can destroy the finishes or coatings:

  • DontUseVinegarOnGranite-HusserWindowCleaningNatural stones such as marble or granite
  • Wood floors
  • Rubber seals for refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines or other appliances
  •  Smartphone or tablet screens
  • Cast iron
  • Grout
  • Metal kitchen tools such as knives

Surfaces you can use vinegar on:

The good news is, you can use vinegar on your windows! But as we have learned, a little vinegar in water won’t cut through the dirt and grime that are often found on our windows. Here is a recipe you can try for cleaning your windows with vinegar:

  • 2 Cups water
  • 1/4 Cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp dish detergent

Even with all this great information, cleaning windows may not be your thing…so give me a call

I have been cleaning windows in the Seattle area for 30 years, and quite frankly, I enjoy it!  I will be happy to answer all of your questions, and I know the mistakes to avoid. I clean private homes or apartment complexes.

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