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Your House is Clean, Are Your Windows?

Clean away the cobwebsHas this ever happened to you?

You wake up one morning and the sun is coming through the windows at just the right angle, and all of the cobwebs begin to appear, smudges on furniture are highlighted and the crumbs on the floor seem much more noticeable.

Now that the sun has finally come out in the Seattle area, I’m guessing that many of us are waking up to that scenario.

During the winter or when it’s cloudy these things aren’t quite as evident, but now we realize, we need to clean house.

So for the next few hours we get busy and clean everything in site, making us feel much better. But something still isn’t quite right, and then we notice that our windows aren’t clean – we have dirty windows, inside and out.

Most people don’t like cleaning windows, but, there are…

Two ways to get your windows clean…

  1. Tools for cleaning windowsDo it yourself – The key to cleaning windows properly and efficiently is to use  the right tools and products.
    1. Clean the outside windows first, and assemble:
      1. A bucket of soapy water, a soft bristle brush and the garden hose to clean the screens.
      2. A broom to sweep off the windows and frames.
      3. A squeegee, a bucket of water with diluted windshield washer fluid, and 1 cup of white vinegar for the windows.
      4. Microfiber cloths are another good option instead of a squeegee.
    2. Once the outside windows are clean, if you still have the energy you can tackle the inside windows, although you may want to wait until another day. For some of us, when we decide to wait for another day, sometimes that other day never comes.
      1. Except for the the garden hose, the tools and product are the same. You’ll just need to be more careful with the water, so you don’t damage any of your inside furnishings.
  2. Hire me – This honestly seems like the best method for cleaning windows. Norm Cleaning Windows
    1. I already have all the right tools and products.
    2. I know how to get the job done right.
    3. I won’t put it off until another day.
    4. An unlike most homeowners, I enjoy cleaning windows.

Clean windows are good therapy!

Many people forget that having a clean house also means having clean windows. It’s amazing the difference that clean windows make – not just in your house, but even in your mood and your attitude.

I am a part of your holistic health care team. Because after I have cleaned your windows the whole house seems brighter. And your reaction will be “Wow!” with a big smile.  It’s cheaper than therapy!

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