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Do You Wish You Had Clean Gutters?

Couple in back yard seeing dirty guttersI was in my back yard the other day relaxing on my deck and enjoying the beautiful weather. I looked back towards the roof of my house, and I was so embarrassed!

There growing in my rain gutters was a miniature forest. The whole length of my gutter was filled with a crop of very healthy weeds – some in full bloom.

The really sad thing was that we were having company over that night for a barbeque and we had no time to clean them.

That evening we joked with our guests about our living gutters, but to me it wasn’t funny. Oh how I wished we had clean gutters.”  – anonymous and embarrassed

Has that ever happened to you?

There are just some maintenance items around the house that people tend to avoid like the plague. Cleaning the rain gutters on the house is one of those tasks.

  • It’s dirty
  • It’s slimy
  • You have to climb up on ladders
  • There is a lot of clean up

Face it, it’s just a messy, annoying job.

Autumn is a good time to clean guttersHow often should they be cleaned?

If your gutters are clogged and overflowing, you have probably waited too long.

Typically, gutters and downspouts should be cleaned about twice a year, depending on how many leafy trees or pine needles they are exposed to. Once is the Spring and once in the Fall is a good rule of thumb.

Why is cleaning important?

Probably one of the most important reasons is to protect your house from several types of damage.

  • If rain gutters get too heavy with leaves and other debris that gets water logged with rain, they can pull away from your house and cause damage.
  • Overflowing gutters allow water to flow along the foundation of your home, which will soften the soil and also lead to potential cracking in the foundation. This is also the beginning of leaks either in your crawl space or in your basement.
  • Wet debris in the gutter is a breeding place for insects, especially termites and carpenter ants.
  • If gutters continuously overflow on wood siding or other wooden parts of you home – the wood will begin to rot.

Although avoiding being embarrassed is a good reason to have clean gutters, protecting your home is a better one.

If you’re one of those people who really detest cleaning your gutters, or maybe you just don’t have the time or energy to do it, give me a call for a free quote. I’ll be happy to come out and clean those gutters for you!


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Apr 19, 2011 by Kate Phillips

5 Star RatingNorman does excellent work and his prices are very reasonable. He’s also punctual, reliable, and easy going as well! I will use him again in the future and I recommend him to others.







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