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How to Clean Your Car Windows

CleanCarWindows-HusserWindowCleaningCleaning car windows is not what I typically write about, but if there’s one thing that irritates me, it’s dirty windows in my car! Before you clean them there’s film, bugs, dirt and finger prints, then after you spend time and effort cleaning them there are usually streaks. It feels like a losing battle.

But I know car windows can be clean and streak free…I’ve seen them. So I have done a little research and found some tips that will help achieve sparkling clean car windows.

Get your car windows to sparkle…

There are similarities to cleaning the windows in your home to cleaning the windows in your car…using the right tools and procedures and outdoor conditions.

  • Don’t try to clean your windows in the sun…it’s easy for car windows, pull the car into the garage or the shade. Heat from the sun can interact with the chemicals in your window cleaner  creating fumes that if inhaled could leave you sick. The sun will also cause your cleaner to evaporate too quickly leaving streaks and spots behind.
  • Choose the proper tools:
    • Begin with the proper cleaning solution. Many people think they can use household cleaners, which typically contain alcohol or ammonia in them. Not only are these chemicals toxic (especially when working in a confined space), but they can be the cause of residual streaking. To get a professional job, you may want to consider getting a product designed for cleaning car windows.
      • Ammonia based cleaners are especially not a good choice for tinted windows. The tinted film used to coat your windows can be scratched or ruined by ammonia based products. Tinted windows need a mild solution, water and vinegar might just do the trick.
      • Ammonia based products can also damage your car’s interior.
    • Use the right kind of towel. People used to swear by using old newspaper to wipe down their windows, and in the past, when newsprint was made with kerosene, it did work well, except for the Microfibertowlscleancarwindows-HusserWindowCleaningfact that your windows were clean but your hands were not. Today it is recommended that you use absorbent lint free materials. Micro Fiber towels work great. Use one towel to clean the window and a dry one to buff it out. Using paper towels, bathroom terry cloth towels or old clothing will leave lint and streaks behind.
      • When drying and buffing the window, avoid using a circular pattern and use a horizontal motion, back and forth which is a better way to make sure you get the entire window clean and will also help eliminate streaks.

A couple of miscellaneous tips…

  • Clean the car before tackling the windows.
  • If there is built up dirt around the edges of the windshield, use an old toothbrush to remove it. If it’s really bad and a toothbrush isn’t doing the job, carefully use a razor blade. If it’s the rear windshield and there are defrost strips, don’t use the razor blade near them.
  • Hard water spots, caused by sprinklers, if left on the window for more than a day or two can etch themselves into the glass causing permanent marks. Wipe them off as soon as possible.
  • Don’t forget to clean your windshield wipers and make sure the blades are in good condition. Again, use an ammonia free solution.
  • To get an old sticker off your window, let it soak in white vinegar until it’s totally saturated and it should come off easily using a credit card or something similar with a straight edge.

Obviously you’re not going to call me if your car windows need to be cleaned, but if the windows on your home need to be cleaned, Contact me for a free estimate.

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