Keep outside noises outside with quiet windows

Quiet Windows

As someone who is frequently talking to people about their windows, I hear many complaints and comments such as, my windows have lost their seal, I can’t keep them clean or I wish they could help block the outside noises, especially at night.

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You might feel drafty windows in the autumn

Drafty Windows

As fall and winter approaches, outside there is a chill in the air.

That means our furnaces will soon be turned on and our energy bills will begin to climb. The last thing you want to feel is a cold draft throughout your house.

All too often, those cold drafts are coming

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Rain gutter design is important to protect your home

Rain Gutter Design

Although my job really involves cleaning your rain gutters, because I am around them a lot, I see many mistakes in the way they are installed.

These mistakes can effect the roof of your house and cause you all kinds of costly problems.

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