Clean Solar Panels

Why and How to Clean Your Solar Panels

CleanSolarPanels-HusserWindowCleaningClean or not clean, your solar panels will continue to produce energy, just as they were designed to do. But will they produce it as efficiently and at the maximum rate that the manufacturer said they would? And if you’re trying to produce extra energy with your panels, this will be important to you.

Obviously, we’re all aware that solar panels work by allowing light from the sun into solar cells (a very simplistic description!). When dirt, debris, dust, bird droppings or pollution builds up, it blocks the sun’s rays and prevents them from reaching the solar cells…energy production goes down and lowered optimum performance decreases the return on your investment. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory it has been estimated that build-up on solar panels can cause energy loss of up to 25%.

You can’t depend on the rain to clean them for you…

The nice thing is that cleaning your solar panels isn’t a high tech process. The real issue is if you aren’t comfortable or aren’t able to be up on the roof, if that is where your panels are located. If that’s the case, you should hire a professional to do the job for you. But one way or another, those panels should be periodically cleaned.

If you’re able to clean your own, this brief video, with how-to instructions, will  make cleaning your solar panels a little less daunting.

Solar panel manufacturer’s say:

  • You should clean your solar panels about every 6 months
  • They agree that dirty panels lower energy production
  • Some manufacturer’s warranties are invalidated if the panels haven’t been cleaned and maintained

You invested in solar panels for your home for a reason, to produce your own energy, to save money, to be eco-friendly and possibly to earn money…don’t let a little dirt stop you from getting maximum results.

Not everyone likes cleaning their own windows, so don’t do it…

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