See life through clean windows

Clean Windows

Wouldn’t you prefer to look outside through clean windows rather than look through finger prints, puppy and kitty nose prints, the grime left behind from a storm or the gray film that coats your windows from burning candles or a fireplace?

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Norm Cleaning Windows

Professional Window Cleaning

Preparing your home to have your windows cleaned by a professional isn’t something that many people think about, and it’s not something that a professional would expect when they come to your home. But there are a few that ask what they should do. Just think about how nice it would be and how much appreciated it would be to have a few things prepared…it would make the job so much easier and quicker.

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Extend Window Life

Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and replace your old windows. and though it can be costly, the energy savings is really nice. But if you don’t have to replace them or you have already replaced your windows, you definitely want to extend their life as long as possible. Here’s how…

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